Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Submit to God

I remember when my first son was born.  What a beautiful moment in my life that I will always treasure.  And the months after that are some of the greatest and hardest of my life.  I remember one night in particular that I was staring down at my month old son wondering why in the world he would not go to sleep.  I had fed him, I had rocked him, I had sang to him... and yet here he was, crying because he was exhausted but not wanting to let go and fall asleep.  As his mother, I knew what was best for him, yet he had other ideas.  It wasn't the first time that we have had a difference of opinion.  Since then, there have been many times where I have tried to guide my son in the right direction, and he has fought me because he thought he knew better.  The problem was, he didn't see the bigger picture.  He didn't see how is actions could hurt him, or how doing what I was telling him to do could actually help him and make his life better.  At almost 5, he still loves to fight me on what he thinks is best.

"Submit yourselves, then to God" (James 4:7)

I have a hard time submitting.  I know that it might come as a huge shock to some people since I am sure that I am the only one that struggles with this, but it is true.  I have a hard time submitting.  I love to be in control of my life and the things that go on in it, after all, I do know what is best.  And as a mom, I love to be in control of my children's lives.  So, submitting is something that I really struggle with.  As the mom, don't I know what is best for my children's lives?  As a strong woman, don't I know what is best for my life?? 
"In all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight" (Proverbs 3:6) 

God calls us to submit.  Now with some things, that isn't so hard.  There are some things in my life that I just don't have to have that strong of a hold on.  I know that I really have no control over certain things.  And for those things, I can let my grip loosen and "give it over" to God.  But then there are those other things that there is no way I am letting that strong grip go. The safety of my family and friends?  No way!   Heartache that might come my way? Absolutely not!!  And if those things do happen to come into my life, then I am angry at God.  I fight him tooth and nail, just like my son fights me. 

"Do not be stiff-necked, like your ancestors were; submit to the Lord" (2 Chronicles 30:8a)

When did submitting become something that is looked at as being a weakness?  Submitting is actually one of the strongest moves that you can make.  It is saying "I know that I am not in control, nor should I be.  And I give it completely to you, my God, the one who knows what I need more than any other."  It is admitting that there is a power greater than you... that there is a God, and that you aren't it.  It is understanding that you don't have all the answers, and you are asking for guidance.  It is knowing that God sees the greater picture and knows how everything must fall into place to fulfill your destiny.  It is trusting that God loves you and will never put you to shame.

"Submit yourselves, then to God" (James 4:7)

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