Wednesday, February 12, 2014

That darn scale!

I have decided that a woman's biggest struggle is the scale.  Not only does the scale make you feel like a complete failure, but it really does not tell the entire story.  I am a huge "get on the scale every morning" kind of person when I am on a weight loss journey.  I seriously used to get out of bed, go to the bathroom, not eat or drink anything, maybe exercise, then strip down to nothing and climb on that scale, praying for a drastic change.  And you know what was crushing?  Seeing no change, barely enough change, or, God forbid, a slight gain.

Then this week happened in Made To Crave where things started to really click for me and I feel like I am starting to get it.  So I went two whole days of being obedient… eating the right things, not over eating, really paying attention to my emotional state, praying and reciting Scripture when things felt tough or temptations came.  I got up after two days of major success, stepped on that scale only to see a slightly lower number than last week.  Of course, at first my mind wanted to curse and give up.  But then I had this epiphany.  We expect to loose a ton of weight after just a day or two of eating healthy and for the right reasons because we feel so much better on the inside.  And really, that is what really counts… that peace and joy that comes from being obedient in our food choices.

So from now on, when I want to step on that scale and then curse because the numbers don't match how I am feeling, I am going to focus on that inward peace and realize that that is where the victory lies!

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  1. So blessed by this BREAKTHROUGH!!! It is not about the number :) Thanks for the reminder! ~ Miriam of